Crackle stair

Our range of design stairs includes a wide variety of models (cantilevered stairs, cement stairs, steel stairs), but whether it is interior stairs or exterior stairs, the favorite tones are usually neutral and delicate: only few clients dare to opt for color tones. This is because when it comes to choosing a decorative stair, and in particular an interior stair, you cannot help thinking that “after a while, one gets tired of color”; but it is a cliché, an outdated prejudice.

Today color is finally back home. Design magazines are full of images of interiors decorated with all kinds of colors. Therefore, we are glad to ride this new wave by proposing you our Decór wall stairs collection, designed by Carolina Melis: intense pink, turquoise, gold and many other colors…


Executive Stairs
As a leading company in the decor sector, Executive Stairs supplies luxury staircases, providing ad hoc solutions to customers. Our design concept is an ideal blend of professional performances and client wishes: an original Italian point of view in the field of interior design.
Our watchwords: imagination, creativity, competence and passion.