The helical stairs of our Concrete collection are cement stairs with a compact and sinuous volume, enhancing the material’s ability to give substance to the shape. And this is even more evident if you opt for the cement railing, which has the advantage of making continuous the winding movement of the stair.

From January 2017, the cement railing is also available (we have already been through this in a previous post) for our exterior stairs.

Concrete is not simply a masonry stair or a furniture stair or a design stair: it is the one that—more than any other—can be defined as a real “architectural stair”.

Executive Stairs
As a leading company in the decor sector, Executive Stairs supplies luxury staircases, providing ad hoc solutions to customers. Our design concept is an ideal blend of professional performances and client wishes: an original Italian point of view in the field of interior design.
Our watchwords: imagination, creativity, competence and passion.