executive stairs

Love for design


Conscious beauty


Enduring beauty




The starting point is the tendency towards art and beauty, applied in such a way so that the elements of surprise, wonder, and the unexpected are also incorporated into the architectural work itself.

“Oscar Niemeyer”



Interior stairs: furnishings to add beauty and comfort to your home

Executive – Architectural Stairs is a design stairs collection of high technical and aesthetic quality. All our projects are unique and provide for custom stairs, with solutions and finishes that match the character and taste of the customer and fit in perfectly with his own domestic space.

The use of selected and certified materials and the quality of design place these high-end stairs among the best choices, both as residential use stairs and as public use stairs. So, if beauty always lends quality, ours are not just “beautiful stairs” but products of excellent design and construction. That’s why we also work for Contract and in the luxury industry, which is playing now a key role worldwide, especially in designing hotels and business parks.

Our collection includes steel stairs, concrete stairs and glass stairs, where glass becomes a “creative” material for railings and steps, as its light transparency can be enriched by drawings and colors for new aesthetic solutions (as in Decór collection, designed by Carolina Melis). A range, then, of modern stairs but with a touch of style and refined beauty.

Executive – Architectural Stairs is a made in Italy stairs collection, designed as an expression of the best Italian craft and technical tradition.



Know-how, or rather: the value of Skills

Designing requires historical memory and, at the same time, capacity for innovation. Skills must be translated into a conscious beauty, that is to say, into a perfect combination of technique and aesthetics, capable of going even beyond customer expectations.

This is an ambitious but realistic goal that Executive intends to achieve with its broad range of decorative stairs.


Designing stairs: our creative and tailor-made concepts

Each stair is a unique project. Firstly, for its shape, which can be that of an open stair, a winding stair or a helical stair (i.e. without central pole). Secondly, for the chosen materials: it is possible to combine steel with different colors and finishes, transparent or dyed glasses, decorations and wood of various essences (and this in any model of our collection). You can also choose stairs with steel sidebars and steel railings or stairs with glass steps and glass railings or floating stairs with wooden steps.

Each design stair of our collection is therefore a tailor-made stair, desired and conceived together with the customer.



Your home: a small universe of beauty and comfort

Everyone who deals with interior design knows how much work it takes to create a nice and comfortable environment, how much expertise is needed to combine objects and colors for designing pleasant spaces. And we are all aware of how important it is to identify with our environment or domestic “small universe”, with its light, memories and colors.

Executive – Architectural Stairs wants to become a reference point in the furniture and interior stairs sectors. Our products are not simply “design fashion stairs”, but beauty enduring through time.



Technique and beauty: an indissoluble union

The assessment of all technical and engineering aspects is crucial to the design of a stair, which is always a “complex” product and must comply with every safety standard around the world. Each stair requires a technical solution that makes it suitable for its intended use in its intended environment. Unlike an interior stair, an exterior stair should have features that allow it to withstand high or low temperatures. Equally, a stair designed for a shop will have a quite different load-bearing capacity than a stair designed for a mall. Therefore, the technical features and law rules relating to residential and public use stairs are always contemplated in the design of our products, as well as the information provided by the customer on the final use of the stair, the load-bearing capacity of walls and floors, the presence of floor heating systems or pipes in the walls, etc. For this reason, in more than 40 years of our activity in the Rintal group, we have developed professional skills that guarantee a reliable product, also through the certification of calculations in compliance with current law standards, both nationally and abroad.

The certifications are provided upon customer request and cover all the lines of our collection.